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"Discover the 15 Different Walking Styles of Forward Locomotion with Our New 3D Character Animation Product: Creep, Power Walk, Strut, Skip, and Happy Dance!"

  • By MoCap Online
CREEPING, POWER WALKING, STRUT, SKIPPING, HAPPY DANCE We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest 3D character animation product, Walking! This set includes fifteen different walking styles of forward locomotion in various styles. These full length animations come complete with many random variations and are over 30 seconds each, as well as shorter looped versions, both route motion and in place. You can find Walking at Mocap, Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, and other 3D asset marketplaces. Check out the product video and animation list for more information: [LINK TO PRODUCT VIDEO] [LINK TO ANIMATION LIST] [LINK TO 3D ANIMATION VIEWER] All of these animations are on the standard Yui four skeleton for Unreal and for Fdx Unity 3D, cloned and dipped in format on our latest Motus Man version 5.5 skeleton. Even better, the Happy Dance animation is 80 seconds long, with some crazy improvisation! So, get ready to get your walk on, and add some of these awesome 3D character animations to your projects!
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