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"Explore the Fun and Excitement of the New 'Children at Play' Motion Capture Animation Collection from Mocap Online!"

  • By MoCap Online
and more! Introducing the new “Children at Play” Motion Capture Animation Collection from Mocap Online! This animation pack is perfect for game developers, 3D animators, and those in charge of content creation. It features 27 animation files of children playing and having fun on a playground. The total collection is 14 minutes of unique animation, perfect for preschoolers aged 2 to 5 years. Each animation file is approximately 30 seconds in length and has been made to loop seamlessly. It is compatible with the standard skeleton, Unreal, FBX Unity 3D, BIP and Blender formats, and the latest Motus Man Skeleton. Watch the product video or use the 3D Animation Viewer or Animation List to preview the animations. Product Video: 3D Animation Viewer: Animation List: This “Children at Play” Animation Collection is available on Mocap Online, Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, and other 3D Asset Marketplaces.
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