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"Introducing Our New Office/Meeting Motion Capture Animations Pack: Get 38 Animations for Game Development & 3D Animation"

  • By MoCap Online
We have great news to share! Mocap Online is proud to present our new Office/Meeting Motion Capture Animations Pack. Take a quick look in the video below: [Product Video] This collection of motions is designed for game development and 3D animation, and contains 38 animation files, with a total of 7 minutes of motion captured back-to-back. You’ll find all kinds of activities including listening, talking, agreeing, disagreeing, angry, bored, clapping, shaking hands, drinking coffee, handing out reports, and presenting. We’ve made it easy to access these animations in the format you need – available on the standard UE4 skeleton for Unreal Engine and FBX for Unity 3D and IKinema, and BVH motion format on the latest Motus Man version 5.5 skeleton. You can find the complete animation list, 3D animation viewer, and animation video at the links below. Animation List: [Animation List Hyperlink] 3D Animation Viewer: [3D Animation Viewer Hyperlink] Animation Video: [Animation Video Hyperlink] We invite you to experience the Office/Meeting Motion Capture Animations Pack by Mocap Online. You can find it on Mocap Online, Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, and other 3D asset marketplaces. Thanks for joining us and happy animating!
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