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Introducing the Latest Dance Party Animations for Game Development and 3D Animation - Mocap Online

  • By MoCap Online
Introducing the latest addition to our collection of motion capture animations for game development and 3D animation: the Dance Party animations from Mocap Online! These animations capture the energy and excitement of a night out at a club or party, where the music is pumping and everyone is dancing and having a good time. Whether you're chilling on the sidelines, grooving to the beat, or getting into it more and moving around, these animations have got you covered. The collection includes 18 animation files, each approximately 30 seconds in length, adding up to a combined nine minutes of unique animation. All of them are perfect loops and will repeat seamlessly at a tempo of 120 beats per minute, making it easy to mix and match and have them all synchronized in dancing together. They are available in a variety of formats, including Unreal and Unity, as well as the standard skeleton for Fbx, BIP, and Blender. These animations feature regular folks having a good time at a party and not professional dance moves. You'll see everything from people hanging out quietly and having a conversation, to cutting loose and jumping around, with many of the moves featuring hand gestures. The technical description and animation types are included on our website, with a link to the animation list. Check out our product page on MoCapOnline for more information and to purchase the Dance Party animations: You can also view a sample animation video on Vimeo at and see the animations in action using our 3D Animation Viewer at For a complete list of the animation included in this pack please visit Don't miss out on the chance to add some high-energy dance moves to your next project!
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