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"Unlock the Dance Party with Mocap Online - 18 Animations for Game Development and 3D Animation"

  • By MoCap Online
and more! Check out the new Dance Party Animations from Mocap Online, perfect for game development and 3d animation. Our new collection of motions seen at a nightclub or party where the music is happening and everyone is dancing and having a good time. Chilling on the sidelines while grooving to the beat and having a conversation, to getting into it more and moving around a bit, to dancing and jamming with one or two hands in the air, to cutting loose and jumping around. We have eighteen animation files, each of them approximately thirty seconds in length, adding up to nine minutes of unique animation. All of them are perfect loops and will repeat seamlessly at a tempo of 120 beats per minute. One second of animation equals two beats, making it easy to mix and match and have them all synchronized in dancing together. You can find our Dance Party Animations in many formats on the standard skeleton for Unreal, for FBX Unity 3D, BIP and Blender format on our latest Motus Man Skeleton. See for yourself with our Product Video, 3D Animation Viewer, and Animation List below. Product Video: 3D Animation Viewer: Animation List: You can find this collection of motions available at Mocap Online, Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store and other 3D asset marketplaces. Have fun and enjoy!
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