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"Unlock the Power of Park Public Animations: Introducing 3D Character Animations for Game Dev & CG Production"

  • By MoCap Online
Introducing “Park Public”: 3D Character Animations for Game Development & CG Production! Check out this amazing Product Video to see what Park Public has to offer: [PRODUCT VIDEO LINK] Park Public is an incredible collection of motion capture animations which feature people relaxing or taking a break in any park, town square, or other common gathering areas. Park Public contains 65 animation files, each approximately 30 seconds in length, adding up to a total of 30 minutes of animation. And all of the animations are perfect loops which will repeat seamlessly. Here is what you can expect to find in Park Public: - Sitting on a park bench, reading on the phone, texting, talking to others left, right, and forward - Different poses with legs crossed and uncrossed - Feeding the birds - Feminine versions - Standing leaning against a wall or tree - Talking in all directions and relaxing - Stand to Sit Transitions Park Public is available on mocap Online, Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, and other 3D asset marketplaces. [LINK TO ANIMATION VIDEO] [LINK TO 3D VIEWER] [LINK TO ANIMATION LIST] Don’t miss out - get Park Public and bring your game and 3D animation projects to life!
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