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Opt-in to MoCap Online Communication


We are setting up a more robust system to communicate with our customers about product updates and marketing information. 

Here are some proposed changes...

We will ask customers to opt-in to receive update notifications on the products they purchased and downloaded.   Existing customers need not worry, you will continue to receive updates as usual, but you will now need to opt-in/out separately to any other newsletters.  Opting-in to "customer updates" will only be used for official product information related to updates for the animation you own and download.  Updates will be available to users who purchased animations on 3rd party stores as well.  More information to come...   

We care about what format you use.  BIP users don't care about FBX updates.  UE4 users don't want to hear about Unity sales.  All sign up's will now be asked for format preferences so we can curtail communication that is relevant.

Subscribers can now opt-in and subscribe to MoCap Online "Occasional News" and/or "Flash Sale" notifications.  If you want to know when MCO will start offering custom mocap shoots over the net, subscribe to "occasional news".  If you want to know when the next 24 hour 50% off sale is, opt-in to "flash sale notifications".  Followers will now be able to subscribe to one, the other or both.

Until this system is 100% up and running you can always contact us directly at

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