[UNITY] Mobility: Walk Jog Run - Pivot/Strafe Combo Animations - Unity 3D Game Development

By MoCap Online

$ 59.99

224+ MoCap Animations - MOBILITY: Walk Jog Run - Pivot/Strafe Combo

Both Walk/Jog/Run - "Pivot" and "Strafe" Packs together.

A solid set of AAA game-ready animations to move your character around Pivot style always traveling forward, or Strafe style always facing forward.
A Subset of “MOBILITY: Pro" Mobility Pack

Update: Rev. 2.7B 
New MotusMan_V55 Skeleton and Avatar
- All animations set as Humanoid, ready for use.
- Includes three gaits: Walk, Jog and Run with jumping.
- Turning in place and 90/180 degree jukes.
- Aim/Look offsets.
- Transitions from a Standing Idle, the character can take off at any speed and in eight directions, and realistic transitions to Stop and Stand as well.
- Strafing in eight directions.
- Left and Right Backpedaling.
- New version has true Root Motion (moving reference root) as an option, as well as In-place for all.

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab: Mobility Pivot

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab: Mobility Strafe

Watch Demo Video:
***NOTE: This is a demo combination of motions from all MOBILITY: not just this pack.

This pack is a solid base set of animations to get your Pivot and Strafe style project going. The Motus Man Character was designed with best practices in mind to retain the natural motion provided by the actor.

View Detailed Motion List Here:
Mobility Pivot - Animation List
Mobility Strafe - Animation List

***NOTE: Naming has changed from previous versions: 
"WALK"/ "RUN"/ "SPRINT" is now "WALK"/ "JOG"/ "RUN".

Includes documents with Tips on Avatars and Avatar Adjustments, and "Reference" root motion.
Mocap Online - Unity Animation Notes

Update: Rev. 2.7B 
New MotusMan_V55 Skeleton and Avatar
- All Animations are included as true Root Motion(reference node) and In-Place.
- Our IPC(in-place custom) Animations have custom properties providing continuous Speed and Rot(yaw) data curves, a feature used by major developers. Please read the Unity IPC pdf document:
Unity IPC Custom Animation Curves
- All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees.
- All animations are .fbx format, standard fbx bone names.