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MoCap Online is Open! - 3D Character Animation for Game Development and CG Production

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MoCap Online is Open! - 3D Character Animation for Game Development and CG Production - MoCap Online

MoCap Online 3d Animation Assets for Game Development and 3d Animation

Motus Digital announces the opening of Motion Capture Online, a CG asset store offering high-quality motion capture animation for game development and CG production.  

Motion Capture Online launches with three animation packs; Mobility, Military Rifle, and Punches. Each pack consists of 100+ animations that have been looped, pose-matched and ready for transfer to any 3D game and animated character.  


MoCap Online Launch Packs:

Mobility - includes animations to move your character around a flat world; runs, walks, jogs, turns, crouches, jumps, idles, etc.

Military Rifle - includes the primary animations for a shooter game; full mobility, aims, ready and holster states.  

Punches - is a comprehensive set of punch animations for fighting games that give a large variety of attacks and hits.

MoCap Online will also offer  "Life Animations" that consist of many of the common actions CG characters perform.  Waiting, crowds, cheering, conversation, emoting, locomotions, home, office and park animation packs typical "Life Animation" packs that will be offered.

Animations are delivered on our basic MotusMan.fbx character and can be transferred to any other humanoid character with game engines like Unity3d and Unreal Engine 4, or CG programs like MotionBuilder and Maya.  Solving and retargeting services are also available so the MoCap Online team can apply the animations to your character for you.

We are laying the groundwork to create a large library of game-ready, 3D character animations that are of professional quality and accessible to developers and 3D artists on an indie budget.  We will be releasing many new packs soon and invite you to join our newsletter for pack releases and special offers.  

Thanks and we look forward to creating great things with you,

- The Motus Team


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