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Motionbuilder Tutorial - UE4 Root Motion Retargeting

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Motionbuilder Tutorial - UE4 Root Motion Retargeting - MoCap Online

A Motionbuilder Tutorial discussing how to re-target animations from one character to another, and transfer the full Root motion correctly and accurately - even if there is a scale difference between the two rigs.

It includes an INDEX to jump directly to any section.

The question came up on the Autodesk forums. Shout out to Brad Clark with Rigging Dojo, our friends at Crytek and CryEngine, and Epic and the Unreal Engine.

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Basics - Settings, Extensions, Constraints and Match Source
07:41 Plotting and Results
08:16 Scaling - Why do it and problematic results.
12:25 Some things are simpler than they first seem... Doh
13:40 Scaling - The Simple Fix and Results
17:00 Vertical Root Motion - Yes it works, an example.
19:57 Plot All Takes and Editing afterwards.

Rigging Dojo -
CryEngine -
Unreal Engine -

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