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New Release: Elevate Your Game with MoCap Online's Comprehensive Ninja Animation Pack

New Release: Elevate Your Game with MoCap Online's Comprehensive Ninja Animation Pack - MoCap Online

Introducing the Ninja Animation Pack from MoCap Online's extensive Animation Library 

Step into the shadows with MoCap Online's Ninja Animation Pack, a key component of our Animation Library. This comprehensive set is designed for agile and stealthy movements, offering a wide array of animations for wall climbing, rolling, and advanced acrobatics. With specialized animations for sneaking, dodging, and quick directional changes, this pack is your ultimate resource for creating realistic and dynamic ninja actions in any game or simulation.

Ninja AnimSet: 3D Animations by MoCap Online ~ Highlight Video from MoCap Online on Vimeo.



ninja animation description:

Dive deeper into the realm of martial arts and stealth with our Ninja Animation Pack. This collection is far more than just a set of animations; it's a fully-realized concept for bringing ninja characters to life in any game or simulation. The pack starts strong with a variety of idle animations, both in relaxed and combat-ready stances. These aren't just static poses; they include subtle fidgets and turns, allowing for a more natural and lifelike representation of your characters even when they're standing still.

When it comes to movement, the Ninja Animation Pack offers a plethora of options. Whether your character is crouching to avoid detection or jogging through a serene dojo, the animations are designed to be fluid and realistic. The pack includes forward, backward, and lateral jogs, walks, and runs, each with a smooth transition back to a standing pose. This ensures that your characters can navigate any environment convincingly, be it a moonlit rooftop or a bustling marketplace.

But what's a ninja without their combat skills? This pack includes a wide range of kicks and punches, each with high, mid, and low variations to suit different combat scenarios. And for those moments when a ninja star is the weapon of choice, the pack features animations for both forward and backward throws. These animations capture the essence of the swift and deadly strikes that ninjas are known for.

Of course, a ninja often finds themselves in precarious situations, and this pack has that covered too. From getting knocked down and making a quick recovery to executing backflips and forward rolls, these animations add a layer of realism and excitement to combat and navigation. One of the standout features of this pack is the inclusion of platforming animations at three different heights. This allows for a new dimension in level navigation, giving game developers the freedom to create more complex and engaging environments.

Lastly, the pack rounds off with a comprehensive set of aim offsets, allowing for dynamic character interactions and gaze directions. This is particularly useful for cut-scenes or any scenario where character focus needs to be directed.In summary, the Ninja Animation Pack is a treasure trove of high-quality animations that cover every aspect of ninja life, from basic movements to complex combat techniques. It's an indispensable resource for anyone looking to add a layer of authenticity and dynamism to their ninja-themed projects.


The pack is compatible with popular engines like Unreal and Unity, as well as software like Autodesk, Blender, iClone, and DAZ.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring unparalleled realism and versatility to your projects. Make the move to the Ninja Animation Pack now!


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