MoCap Animation - Deaths

Need some more drama and excitement when your characters die? This pack includes many variations from single and multiple hits in different directions, spinning, crawling, bleeding and guts falling out, and many quick and drawn out dramatic deaths.

Our Death set of game-ready character animations will enhance your shooter games, all zombie apocalypses, horror games, battlefields, or anytime you need a character to die in a variety of colorful, dramatic ways. A variety of character deaths by gunshot, bludgeoning, stabbing, etc.

This pack includes: Hit while walking, hits to different body parts, quick and slow deaths with injuries, a variety of gunshot wounds, and more.

Great for horror, war, shooters or anytime a character is doomed to meet their demise.

Our game animations have fingers animated expressively, many Loops and clean connected Transition animations.

Our Death pack in the animation library is sold as a compliment to and works well with our other animation packs.  You can find our Death pack with our other Life architectural packs.

Animations in .FBX - .BIP - UE4 - UNITY -  ICl formats…

If you're working with 3D software we have your format!  MoCap Online animations are compatible with Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, iClone, LumberYard,  Lightwave, other 3d software packages.


Try our Free Demo Animation Pack to test how these animations will work in your software.