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Who IS MoCap Online?

MoCap Online offers 3D Character Animations for Game Development and 3D Production.  The human motions were captured at Motus Digital and solved to a standard "MotusMan.FBX", 3D Character.  The site contains a mixture of looped game moves and through-composed animations for CG Production.


What is a "MoCap Pack"?

A "MoCap Pack" is a set of .FBX animations that in combination allow a 3D character to have a full range of movement in a virtual world.  A typical MoCap Pack will include: Standing, Walking, Jogging, Running; with Starts, Stops and Turns in all 4 directions. Each animation has been carefully edited and pose-matched to create seamless loops and transitions to the other animations in the pack.


How do I use a .FBX file?

FBX files can be used in most 3D software packages and game engines. It opens natively in Autodesk software such as: MotionbuilderMaya3DS Max. FBX files will also work with most 3D Game Engines such as: Unity3DUnreal, CryTek, an others.  Check out theTechnical Section of our Help Center for more specific help.


How do I apply MoCap to my 3D character?

Solving and Retargeting refer to applying bipedal movement from one biped rig to another.  "Solving" is when you apply the MoCap Data to a rig for the first time. "Retargeting" is transferring and translating the animation from one Character to another.  Learn more about Solving vs. Retargeting from our Technical Director, Crispin Broadhurst.

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