MoCap Animation - Zombie


Starting at $2.99

Zombie 3D Character Animations

Our Undead set of game-ready Zombie character animations will move your Zombie Horde in all directions to bring on the Zombie Apocalypse. Oh, the horror! Great for Halloween. 

Includes: Hyper, Chasing, Running, Attacks, On-Fire, Deaths, Hits, Crawling, Idles, Walking, Reaching and Shambling Zombie 3D Animations. Become the Living Dead!


For use in Maya, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Blender and more.


Converted in iMotion format for use in iClone 6 or newer.


Solved to the UE4 skeleton for use in the Unreal Game Engine.


For use in Autodesk 3DS Max and Discreet Character Studio.


Formatted specifically for the Unity Game Engine.


.I_Caf files for use in CryTek's CryEngine and Lumberyard.


Will You Create The Next Great Zombie Video Game?

Zombie Animations were our #1 requested animation type. The motion packs we created were inspired by popular video games like: Resident Evil, Dead Rising, The House of the Dead, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Dying Light, State of Decay, The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead, Telltale Games The Walking Dead and the Zombies game modes from Call of Duty series.

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