Bundle: Starter 3D Character Animation for Game Development

By MoCap Online

$ 9.99 $ 28.00

The "Starter Game Animation Bundle" is a meticulously curated collection of animations designed to kickstart the development of a wide array of game genres, from action-packed shooters to stealthy ninja adventures. This bundle amalgamates essential animations from six of our foundational packs:  Mobility,  Rifle,  Pistol,  Zombie,  Ninja, and Punch, providing a versatile foundation for character movement and interaction.

Mobility Starter: $5 - 35 ANIMATIONS - A small set of MCO Mobility Animations. Walk & jog locomotions with crouch and jump animations. Idle and turn with transitions and look/aim offsets. Motion trees include carefully pose-matched animation transitions to and from idles and locomotions.

Rifle Starter and Pistol Starter: $10 - 20 ANIMATIONS - A small set of MCO Rifle/Pistol Animations. Stand-aim with gun up/down aim offset, standing turns & fire animations. Forward animations of character walking, crouch-walking, jogging, and jumping, all while aiming. Simple starter animations to get your military-style rifle character shooting.

Zombie Starter: $5 - 25 ANIMATIONS - A small set of MCO Zombie Animations. Zombie standing-attack sequence with variations of biting, striking with arms, and hyper-attacks. It also includes a sampling of crawling, idling, walking, and chasing. A starter set of zombie animations to get your walking dead moving.

Ninja Starter$5 - 20 ANIMATIONS - A small set of MCO Ninja Animations with a simple walk forward, kick, punch, knock-down, attack sequence. Duck, jump, roll & jump-to-platform animation samples included. Perfect for animation prototyping that has kick, punch, attack, and jump up-to / down-from mechanics.

Punch Starter: $3 - 20 ANIMATIONS -  A small set of MCO Punch Animations. Three left punches, three right punches, a few hits, blocks, and dodges. A very simple set of punch-and-hit animations to get your character into a fistfight.

$28 = 120 Animations


Priced affordably, this bundle is an excellent choice for indie developers, small studios, and anyone looking to get a jumpstart on their game development project without breaking the bank. The animations are provided in multiple formats including .FBX, .BIP, Unreal, Unity, Blender, iClone, and DAZ, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of development tools and platforms.