Commercial Project License

By MoCap Online

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MoCap Online Commercial Project License.

This MoCap Online Commercial License (hereinafter referred to as the "Commercial License") constitutes a legally binding agreement between you, the licensee (hereinafter referred to as "You" or "User"), and Motus Digital, also known as MoCap Online (hereinafter collectively referred to as "MoCap Online"). This Commercial License, in conjunction with the MoCap Online Standard License Agreement, as they may be amended or updated from time to time (collectively, the "Agreement"), sets forth the terms and conditions under which You are granted the right to license and use the Content provided by MoCap Online. Any terms not explicitly defined in this Commercial License shall assume the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions. It is essential for You to thoroughly review the entire Agreement prior to completing your purchase to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the rights and obligations established herein.


1.1 User Creative Work: This term refers to any movie, video, game, application, or product created by the User that incorporates Character Animation and/or Character Model(s) obtained from MoCap Online. The integration of the MoCap Online Content such as: Character Animation and/or Character Model(s) into the User Creative Work must be in such a manner that prevents their extraction for further distribution, reproduction, modification, or use outside of the User Creative Work.

1.3. Character Animation: This term is defined as a file containing character animation data, which is either owned by or licensed to Motus Digital, and which the User may acquire through the website store or any marketplace where these models are sold.

1.4. Character Model: This term refers to a digital 3D character model that is owned by or licensed to Motus Digital, and which the User may acquire through the website store or any marketplace where these models are sold. This definition includes the “Motus Man” model provided with any purchase of Character Animation.

1.5. Content: This term encompasses all, Character Animation, Character Models, movies, videos, photographs, graphics, icons, logos, text, images, audio clips, data compilations, documentation, and, UE4 Blueprints, visual scripting code, and other MoCapOnline content available from MoCapOnline's Site.

1.6. Project: This term is defined as a complete and cohesive undertaking that results in User Creative Work. Any User Creative Work developed by the Project must be directly related under a single concept. However, a new release of a game (requiring the end customer to buy it separately), a sequel to a movie, a new season of a series, or a major version release (not a bug fix) will be considered separate projects. Multiple episodes within one season are considered the same Project.

1.7. Commercial Project: This term encompasses all User Creative Work, both digital and physical products that embed MoCapOnline's animations and are intended for sale or monetization by you and/or your client. A project that incorporates Content under a Commercial License, which may include the development and delivery of client-specific work, the sale of User Creative Work to third parties, or the distribution of User Creative Work expected to reach or exceed one million end users. This definition encompasses the use of MoCap Online's content across multiple, distinct projects, each necessitating its own Commercial License. Additionally, it accounts for projects featured on digital content platforms that achieve extensive viewership without direct monetization. A Commercial Project is characterized by its commercial intent, whether through direct sales, client services, or wide-reaching distribution, or monetization scheme (including but not limited to free games with advertising, in-app purchases, etc.) and includes the rights for transfer of license to clients or third parties, issuance of written certificates specifying license rights for specific projects, and scalability of license terms based on the project's reach and impact. 

1.8. End Users: This term refers to individuals or entities who download, view, use, or purchase your User Creative Work.

1.9 MoCap Online Standard License: The basic license provided by MoCap Online for Content, allowing use under standard terms and conditions.

1.10 MoCap Online Commercial License: This term refers to a separate license that permits the User to employ the Character Animation and/or Character Model(s) for purposes beyond the scope of the standard license agreement.


Upon payment of the applicable Fees, MoCap Online grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited right to use, modify, and reproduce the content worldwide, in perpetuity, as expressly permitted by this Agreement and subject to its terms. MoCap Online retains all rights, title, and ownership in the Content. The resulting User Creative Work is subject to the terms of this Commercial License.


This Commercial License, when purchased, extends the rights of the MoCap Online Standard License to include:

  • Transfer of License to a Customer for User Creative Work created for a client or sold to a third party.
  • Issuance of a written certificate specifying License rights for a specific Project.
  • Use of Content in projects with End Users exceeding one million. 
  • Transfer of one User Creative Work to a client or another entity per Commercial License.
  • In cases where User Created Work gains extensive End Users without direct monetization, MoCap Online may offer leniency or special considerations at its discretion.
  1. ENTERPRISE LICENSE PROVISION: Custom Licensing Solutions.

4.1 Enterprise License Overview: Recognizing that the diverse and unique requirements of our clients may not be fully addressed by the terms of the MoCap Online Commercial Project License Agreement, MoCap Online offers the option to negotiate a custom Enterprise License. This Enterprise License is designed to cater to large-scale, high-impact projects or clients requiring tailored licensing solutions that go beyond the standard and commercial licensing frameworks .

4.2 Eligibility and Application: Clients interested in exploring a custom Enterprise License should demonstrate a project scope or requirement that significantly exceeds the limitations of the Commercial License. To initiate the process, the client is required to submit a detailed proposal outlining the nature of their project, specific needs unmet by the current licensing terms, and any other relevant information that would necessitate a custom licensing arrangement.

4.3 Negotiation Process:

  • 4.3.1 Initial Assessment: Upon receipt of the proposal, MoCap Online will conduct an initial assessment to determine the feasibility and necessity of entering into an Enterprise License agreement.
  • 4.3.2 Consultation: If the initial assessment is positive, MoCap Online will engage in direct consultations with the client to understand their needs thoroughly and discuss potential terms of the Enterprise License.
  • 4.3.3 Drafting and Review: Following successful consultations, MoCap Online will draft a custom Enterprise License agreement, which will then be reviewed by both parties to ensure it meets the specific requirements and expectations outlined during the negotiation phase.

4.4 Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions of the Enterprise License will be custom-developed to suit the specific needs of the client and the project. These may include, but are not limited to, expanded usage rights, extended distribution capabilities, and bespoke support and maintenance agreements. All terms will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis to ensure mutual benefit and compliance with MoCap Online's overarching licensing policies.

4.5 Finalization and Approval: The Enterprise License agreement will be subject to final approval by both MoCap Online and the client. Upon reaching a mutual agreement, both parties will execute the Enterprise License, which will then supersede the Commercial License terms for the specific project(s) it covers.

4.6 Confidentiality and Privacy: Discussions, negotiations, and the terms of the Enterprise License agreement will be held in strict confidence by both MoCap Online and the client, protected under the existing confidentiality and privacy policies of MoCap Online.

4.7 Contact and Inquiries: Clients interested in pursuing an Enterprise License are encouraged to contact MoCap Online directly through [insert preferred contact method] to discuss their project and licensing needs further.


The Commercial License allows use of Content in any manner permitted under the Standard License, subject to the same obligations and restrictions.


6.1 Required Information Submission: When purchasing a Commercial License, You (the Licensee) are required to provide detailed information regarding the original Character Animations used in the specific Project(s) for which the Commercial License is acquired. This information is essential for validating the license, facilitating support, identifying compliance with licensing terms, and monitoring the project's adherence to these terms.

6.2 Detailed Information Requirements:

  • Licensee Identification: Full legal name of the person or entity acquiring the license, including any dba (doing business as) names under which they operate.
  • Contact Information: Primary contact email address and phone number for license administration and support communications.
  • Project Details:
  1. Project Name or Code Name: The official or working title of the project.
  2. Project Type: Description of the project category (e.g., video game, animation, architectural visualization, VR experience).
  3. Project URLs: URLs of any published projects or promotional websites.
  4. Animation Packs Utilized: Specific titles or identifiers of the MoCap Online Animation Packs used within the project.
  5. Usage Context: Brief description of how the animations are integrated into the project (e.g., character movement, background activity).
  • Promotional Permission: Explicit consent (or lack thereof) for MoCap Online to use the project's name, images, or video clips for promotional purposes.
  • Development Timeline: 
  1. Start Date: The project's estimated or actual start date, ensuring initial compliance with the Commercial License terms.
  2. Completion Date: The estimated or actual completion date, affirming compliance upon project finalization.
  • End User Estimate: An estimate of the projected audience or number of end users.

6.3 Compliance Assurance: The Licensee must ensure that the project remains in compliance with all terms of the Commercial License from the start date through the completion date and beyond, into the distribution and operational phases of the project. This includes adherence to usage rights, promotional permissions, and any restrictions or obligations outlined in the Commercial License.

6.4 Privacy and Data Handling: All information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will be processed in accordance with MoCap Online's Privacy Policy. The collection and use of this information are solely for the purposes of license management, support, compliance verification, and, where permitted, promotional activities. MoCap Online commits to maintaining the privacy and security of the licensee's data, adhering to industry-standard practices.


All Content is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties. MoCap Online retains ownership of the Content but grants You certain rights to use the Content as per the terms of this Agreement. All other rights are expressly reserved by MoCap Online.


8.1 Permission for AI Applications: The User acknowledges and agrees that any use of MoCap Online's animations, character models, or any other digital assets (hereinafter referred to as "Animations") in connection with artificial intelligence applications, machine learning, systems, or solutions (collectively, "AI Applications") requires explicit and prior written permission from MoCap Online.

8.2 Request for Permission: To seek permission for such use, the User must submit a detailed request to MoCap Online, outlining the nature of the AI Application, the specific Animations to be used, the context and manner of their use, and any other information deemed relevant by MoCap Online. This request should be sent to the designated contact point provided by MoCap Online.

8.3 Evaluation of Request: MoCap Online reserves the right to evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. The decision to grant or deny permission will be made at MoCap Online's sole discretion, based on factors including but not limited to the potential impact on MoCap Online's intellectual property, the nature of the AI Application, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

8.4 Terms of Use: In cases where permission is granted, MoCap Online will specify the terms and conditions under which the Animations may be used in the AI Application. The User agrees to adhere strictly to these terms. Any deviation from the agreed terms may result in the immediate revocation of the granted permission.

8.5 Intellectual Property Rights: The User acknowledges that all intellectual property rights in the Animations remain the property of MoCap Online and that no transfer of ownership or infringement of these rights is permitted under this clause. The use of Animations in AI Applications does not confer any additional rights to the User beyond those explicitly granted by MoCap Online.

8.6 Indemnification: The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MoCap Online against any claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising out of or in connection with the unauthorized use of Animations in AI Applications.


9.1 Notification of Changes: MoCap Online reserves the right to modify, amend, or update this Commercial Project License Agreement at any time and at its sole discretion. In the event of any such changes, MoCap Online will provide notice to the User by posting the revised Agreement on the MoCap Online website and updating the "Last Updated" date at the top of the Agreement. MoCap Online may also, at its discretion, notify Users of such changes via email or other direct communication methods, particularly if the changes significantly affect Users' rights or obligations under this Agreement.

9.2 Review and Acceptance of Changes: It is the User's responsibility to regularly review this Commercial Project License Agreement for any changes. Continued use of MoCap Online's Content, Services, or any other materials provided under this Agreement after any such changes have been made will constitute the User's consent to and acceptance of the amended Agreement. If the User does not agree to any changes to the Agreement, the User must discontinue using MoCap Online's Content and associated services immediately.

9.3 Effective Date of Changes: Any changes, modifications, or amendments to this Commercial Project License Agreement shall become effective immediately upon their posting on the MoCap Online website unless otherwise noted. In certain cases, MoCap Online may specify a later effective date for changes.

9.4 Archival of Previous Versions: MoCap Online shall maintain an archive of all previous versions of this Commercial Project License Agreement and make them available upon request. Users are encouraged to review these versions to understand the nature and extent of the changes made.

9.5 Stakeholder Communication: In addition to direct User notifications, MoCap Online will also inform its stakeholders, including but not limited to partners, affiliates and third-party vendors, of any significant changes to this Agreement. This ensures that all parties involved in the broader ecosystem of MoCap Online, including those who may indirectly interact with or be affected by the licensed Content, are aware of and operate under the latest terms and conditions. This comprehensive communication strategy is designed to maintain transparency and alignment among all entities associated with MoCap Online's services and products.


10.1 Enforcement and Violation Consequences: 

Users should maintain accurate records of their use of MoCap Online's assets, including details of the projects and the nature of their commercial use, to demonstrate compliance with this Agreement.

  • Monitoring and Enforcement: MoCap Online reserves the right to monitor compliance with the Commercial License terms. This may include, but is not limited to, digital verification methods and audit inquiries.
  • Consequences of Violations: In the event of a breach of this Agreement, including unauthorized use, distribution, or modification of MoCap Online's assets:
  1. Termination of License: MoCap Online may immediately terminate the User's license, disable the User's account, and prohibit further access to MoCap Online's services. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, MoCap Online reserves the right to terminate or revoke the license, in addition to other rights at law and/or equity. Upon such termination, you must cease all distribution of the User Creative Work containing MoCap Online's Content and remove said Content from it. No refund of fees will be provided for terminated accounts due to breach.
  2. Legal Action and Financial Penalties: MoCap Online reserves the right to take legal action against the User for violations, which may include claims for damages and injunctive relief. The User may also be subject to financial penalties or required to pay restitution to MoCap Online for any losses incurred due to the User's violation of the Agreement.

III. Notification of Violation: MoCap Online will notify the User of any potential violation, providing an opportunity to respond and, where possible, rectify the breach within a specified timeframe.

  1. Appeal Process: Users have the right to appeal against enforcement actions taken by MoCap Online. Appeals must be submitted in writing and will be reviewed by MoCap Online's legal team.
  • Client Compliance: In cases where the User Creative Work is created for a client, the client is also bound by the terms of this Commercial License Agreement. It is the User's responsibility to ensure that their clients are fully informed about and comply with these terms. Any violation by the client will be considered a violation by the User and may result in the same consequences as if the User had committed the violation directly.
  • Remedial Actions: In cases of non-compliance, MoCap Online may, at its discretion, offer the User an opportunity to take remedial actions to correct the violation before imposing penalties or terminating the license. This may include adjusting the use of the Content to comply with the terms, purchasing additional licenses, or other corrective measures as deemed appropriate by MoCap Online.
  • Reinstatement: Following a violation and subsequent termination of the license, MoCap Online may, at its discretion, allow for reinstatement of the license upon the User's full compliance with the Agreement terms and payment of any applicable fines or fees.
  • Audit Rights: MoCap Online reserves the right to conduct audits on the User's use of the Content to ensure compliance with this Agreement. The User agrees to cooperate fully with any such audits and to provide access to all relevant materials.

10.2  Entire Agreement.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and MoCap Online concerning your use of the Content. If any provision is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. In case of inconsistencies between this License and the MoCap Online Terms and Conditions, this License prevails to resolve the inconsistency.

10.3 Waiver.

Failure by MoCap Online to enforce any right or provision under this License does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

10.4 Disclaimer of Warranties.

All Content is provided "as is" without any warranties, express or implied. MoCap Online does not warrant that the Content will meet your specific requirements.

10.5 Notice.

All notices to MoCap Online should be sent via email to Notices to you will be sent to the email associated with your account.

10.6 Limitation on Liability.

MoCap Online's liability is limited to the fees paid for the Licensed Asset. They will not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages arising from this Agreement.

10.7 Choice of Law and Forum. Please review THIS UPDATED DOCUMENT. (This clause might change)

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, USA. Disputes will be resolved exclusively in the federal or state courts of Texas, Dallas County.

10.8 Arbitration.

MoCap Online may require disputes arising from this Agreement to be submitted to binding arbitration under the American Arbitration Association, applying Texas law.

10.9 Indemnification.

MoCap Online will indemnify you against third-party infringement claims for Content purchased from them. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of the Content does not infringe on third-party rights and You indemnify MoCap Online against claims arising from such infringement. Both parties agree to indemnify each other for any breach or violation of this agreement.