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MOCAP ONLINE SHOOTS (BETA) - Custom 3D Motion Capture Animation for Game Development and CG Production.

MOCAP ONLINE SHOOTS (BETA) - Custom 3D Motion Capture Animation for Game Development and CG Production. - MoCap Online


Our most common request is for custom 3D animations. Until now, our only method was to quote an entire motion capture shoot with studio rentals, actor fees, technicians, followed by days, weeks or even months of tracking, solving and editing work. Even a few animations would easily cost thousands of dollars.  We were essentially turning customers away because no one has a big budget for just a few pick-up moves.


Introducing MoCap Online Custom Shoots!

MoCap Online Custom Shoots will allow animators and developers to share production costs and receive high-quality custom mocap for an incredibly low price.  Motions are performed by in-house actors and delivered as FBX or BIP animations on our Motus Man character.  They can also be delivered in Unreal 4, Unity 3d or Crytek scene file. 




$500 Studio Fee - Reserve stage time, actors and technicians.

$15/sec MoCap Fee - Per second of character animation.




MoCap Online Shoot Parameters

  • All animations will be solved to our standard "Motus Man" character rig.
  • All animations will be of one character driven by one actor.
  • Animations will be natural organic human motion.  (Nothing that is impossible)
  • There will be no motion editing. Raw-motion will be delivered.
  • The animations will not be edited, looped, or pose-matched.
  • The character can not use any props. Props complicate pricing. Please contact us for a quote.
  • The character can only interact with the ground and no other objects.
  • Actors will be provided by MoCap Online and have previous experience working on MoCap Online animation packs.
  • Only animations named on the shot list provided by the customer will be captured.
  • Customers are limited to 50 animations per shoot.
  • Providing example videos of someone acting out the motion will generate the best results.
  • Animations will be delivered in FBX, BIP, UE4, Unity or Crytek formats.

***These parameters allow us to move quickly and create many animations for multiple customers in one shoot day.  If they do not work for your project, please contact a team member and we can give you a quote for a more customized shoot.



How a Custome MoCap Online Shoot Works

1 - Fill Out The Mocap Online Shoot Questionnaire

Our questionnaire will give us a basic idea of what you need captured. Fill it out here.

2 - Submit Your Shot List and Video Samples

Give us as much detail as you can on what you want to see in each animation.  We strongly recommend including a video showing examples of what you need the character to do.  You can use our Sample Shotlist as an example. 

3 - Receive a Quote Based on Your Animation List

We will generate a quote based on the total length of character animation seconds.  Animations are sold at $15 per character second.  The final cost will be based on animation seconds solved on Motus Man.

4 - Book Your MoCap Shoot

After submitting your finalized shot information and paying $500 for “Studio Fees” to reserve your shoot.  You can book your shoot here.

5 - We Record Your Human Motion Data.

We take everything you provided, have our animation team record your motions and solve them to the Motus Man character.

6 - We send you a link to review and purchase your custom mocap animation pack.  

We will provide you a link to preview your animations and download them through


Once again, this service has confined parameters to create custom mocap animations for the lowest cost possible.  If you need a specific actor, more than 30 moves, or need additional props, please contact us for custom pricing.  

Thanks and we look forward to capturing motion for you!  


Contact us for rates on custom productions, animation editing or other mocap animation services at:


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