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New Updated Unity Animation Packs

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New Updated Unity Animation Packs - MoCap Online

New for Unity and the Unity Asset Store - Mobility: Animation Packs Update

Mobility: Animation Packs for Unity have gotten a big update on Mocap Online and the Unity Asset Store. All new re-packaging so they are more accessible with lower prices, Combo Packs and Upgrades to the complete Mobility: Pro Combo without the initial cost of purchasing all at once. Buy in smaller packs and work your way up to the full Pro Combo pack with upgrade pricing.

Check them out here:

The rest of our Unity Animation Packs will be released with the new updates as they are completed, so please stay tuned.

New Features:

All included animations are set to Humanoid by default.
The included MotusMan_v4 character is set to use its own Avatar, and is meant to be the Master Avatar for all animations.
All animations are set to use/copy the "MotusMan_v4Avatar"

All animations are by default set with:
"Root Transform Rotation" = Original, Bake Into Pose. This prevents traveling or facing the wrong direction.
"Loop TIme" is checked for animations meant to loop.

All animations are included as Root motion and In-Place. There is also true "Reference" Root Motion now in these animations.

Reference Root Motion

With Unity’s default of Hips Root Motion, the reference node of the skeleton(Root) is ignored and the Hips define the character’s travel and facing direction. This can cause issues and animation errors since the Hips don’t typically face true forward - causing straight animation loops to turn left or right, or 90 degree strafing animations to travel diagonally, etc.  This is what “Original”, “Bake Into Pose”, and other typical animation settings are designed to counteract and fix.

Reference Root Motion is where the actual reference node(Root) is animated to follow directly under the character and always face correctly and consistently forward. It can be used to reliably define the character’s Root Transform and ground contact.

Setting the "Motion > Root Motion Node >" to "Root", will make all of the other Animation settings disappear since the "Root" is now taking care of all Root Transform motion instead of the "Hips", negating having to set it all manually to behave correctly(as in traveling or facing the wrong direction).

Please check out the following examples:

Hips Root Motion: Turn R135 Run Fwd - Reference Root is stationary and not used.

Reference Root Motion: Turn R135 Run Fwd - Reference Root moves with Character.

Hips Root Motion: Walk Strafe 90 Left

Reference Root Motion: Walk Strafe 90 Left


The Reference Root also defines ground contact as it follows vertically under the bottom of the feet.

Hips Root Motion: Sprint Jump

Reference Root Motion: Sprint Jump

In motion you can see the Hips directional arrow bounces around a lot during movement, whereas the Root directional arrow is smooth and still.

Reference Root motion will look virtually the same as regular Hips Root motion and generally integrate exactly the same with other animations not using Reference Root motion. But it will have its own advantages and idiosyncrasies.

NOTE: The animations do not come set to “Root” by default, as most folks are not familiar with this function and feature. We encourage you to try it out and experiment, see what it can do for you. 


The Avatar system retargets motion from MotusMan to your Character. Different Characters and Skeletons may have different Stances and T Poses. This can cause some unwanted pose differences between Avatars, such as arms too far out or in, and same thing for foot placement.

Go into your Character’s “Rig > Configure >” and in the Scene Viewport you can select bones and rotate them to an adjusted position to compensate for the stance and pose difference. Be sure to click “Done” when you are finished. It may take a little trial and error but should pay off with a better looking retarget between Avatars. We suggest you experiment.

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