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UE4 MoCap Packs Now With Controller and Blueprints

UE4 MoCap Packs Now With Controller and Blueprints - MoCap Online

UPDATE: 03/06/2017

Jesse has posted a new video showing off the new Mobility Pack controller WIP!

Great stuff, please check it out:



After a lot of research and dev time, our first UE4 Mocap Animation Packs containing Blueprints and Animation Controllers are now available! “Zombie Pro” and “Zombie Basic” are available on Mocap Online and will be on the Unreal Marketplace as well soon. They have sample blueprints with notes, and a third person controller to make our undead friend walk, chase and attack.

Taking advantage of custom attributes and some inspiration from the Epic Games Paragon team, we’ve created “IPC” (In-Place Custom) animations increasing the information and programming possibilities of our packs.

Check out the update video talking about the Zombie Packs and Controllers with IPC, as well as the Mobility Controller in the works here:


As always, thanks to Jesse at 3 Prong Gaming for all of the hard work developing the controllers with us. Jesse will be making a more detailed video tour of the Mobility Controller WIP as well as the Zombie version so please stay tuned for that. Looks like we won’t have a downloadable to play with by GDC, but all will be revealed in video updates to show you what it’s looking like.

The new Mobility Pack will have split jumps and other mods and improvements driven by the ongoing blueprint R&D. Lessons learned and tech included in the Mobility controller will trickle down into subsequent updates of our other UE4 Mocap Animation Pro Packs, such as Rifle, Pistol and Ninja. The plan is to eventually have blueprint controllers included with all of them, a big added value for those just getting started with UE4 or even more advanced users.

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