[UE4] Multiplayer 3rd Person Shooter : UE4 Blueprint - Unreal Engine Game Development

By MoCap Online

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UE4 Multiplayer Shooter: Blueprints & MoCap Animations

Network Replicating Multiplayer 3rd Person Shooter 
Master Blueprints for all Assets
UE4 SK_Mannequin and Motus Man 3D Characters
Weapon and Projectile system
Character Animations & Controls
Demo Test Level Included

FREE Playable Demo Level! ● via LAN or Steam

A comprehensive set of Blueprints for a third person shooter with network replication for multiplayer support. A modular system and great starting point to create your own game, with many custom animations and audio. Our MotusMan skeletal mesh is used for NPCs and include several demo animations from our other Mocap Online Animation Packs.

Please check out the FREE Playable Demo Level! It is included with the Blueprints and fun to run around fragging, do some some platforming exploration in more remote areas with a few surprises. Have fun! Explore!



John explores the Test Map discovering a few surprises, and describes some features of the Blueprints:

Technical Info

Weapon Blueprint Details:

  • Master Weapon Blueprint can create Child Blueprints from 5 different type firing modes in Hitscan or Projectile variants.
  • Firing modes include: 
    • Single Fire
    • Auto Fire
    • Burst Fire
    • Multi-Fire (shotgun type weapons)
    • Stream fire (continuous beam weapons)
  • Weapons also deal random damage by setting a min and max damage, including a critical damage multiplier that can be set for increasing head shot damage.
  • Master Projectile Blueprint that can create Child Blueprints of various types of projectiles, including bullet or explosives with area of effect damage.

Tutorial Videos Here:
Weapons System Tutorials

Overall Project Features

  • Project is done with 100% Blueprints.
  • Player animations all in-place, non-root motion.
  • Elements from the Free - "Shooter Game" and "Starter Content" © Epic Games - including audio cues/.wav's, materials, textures and objects - are included and used as examples.
  • Custom audio and objects also included and implemented.
  • 178 Rifle and Pistol Animations and 32 Aim Offsets, many custom to this pack only.
  • 42 MotusMan MocapOnline demo Animations.
  • Full movement in eight directions. Crouch, Walk, Jog, Sprint
  • Relaxed and Shooting aim offsets.
  • Master Health and Ammo Pickups that can create Child Blueprints set to different amounts and respawn times.
  • Master Weapon Station that stores up to 5 weapons that can be changed during a match by interacting with it.
  • Random respawn that selects at random any player start in the level to respawn a player after death.
  • Basic Network Setup for playing through LAN or via Steam.
  • WeaponSocket is attached to “hand-r-wep” and is for animated attachment of the Rifle. “hand-r-wep” creates the correct Rifle position always.
  • RifleHolsterSocket and PistolHolsterSocket for Rifle and Pistol body attachment.
  • All Player animations are on the UE4 template skeleton with IK bones.
  • NPC animations are on the MotusMan skeletal mesh.
  • Keyboard controls are listed in: .../Content/Source/MP_TPS_Template_Controls_README.txt

John Galt
Developer Diary



Elements from the Free - "Shooter Game" and starter content © Epic Games - including audio cues/.wav's, materials, textures, objects - are included and used as examples.

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