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Update for All MoCap Online Animation Packs. (Coming Soon)

Update for All MoCap Online Animation Packs. (Coming Soon) - MoCap Online

Hi All,

Finally got the stage set up last week and did our massive pickup shoot for all the animation packs! Shot over 450 animations by the numbers, over a thousand takes. They will be edited and split up into even more animation assets, so a HUGE amount of work to do and major updates/additions coming to the Mobility, Rifle, Pistol, Ninja and Zombie packs.

I put a video edit together yesterday with a few cell phone clips and some raw data examples for your entertainment. Exhausting burnout week for everyone so not many vids or pics, but we relaxed a little at times to goof around. Mobility, Rifle and Pistol were all extensive and boring locomotion moves and conspicuously missing in the video. Enjoy. 

 Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback and wishlist/suggestions for animations! We couldn't get to everything but we got a lot. 

Mobility, Rifle, Pistol and Ninja will all be getting updates filling out the motion trees so all will have complete stand/crouch to move and move to stand/crouch transitions, including stand>turn>walk/jog/run in all directions. Ninja gets a complete set of crouch moves and locomotion, running jumps, run>flying kicks, run>sliding kick attack, multiple knock downs, knock backs and deaths in all directions. Zombie got walk and chase knock backs, knocking and falling to crawl and crawl to stand, multiple attacks, hyper attacks, hyper runs, new idles, on fire and deaths, attack endings and interrupts/knock backs. We've got some crazy jumping/pounce attacks that might fit from an older "creature" session we might be able to add to the mix at some point.

Plan "A" is to finish and get the stand>turn>walk/jog/run, L/R up jumps, and all forward and backpedal 45 strafes to St3vieB so we can update the Mobility pack with a fuller compliment of motions and an included controller with the pack using all! Other pack updates will follow.

We plan to also update all the other packs with included transitions that go to the "Mobility" relaxed stand. In other words, when Rifle or Pistol packs holster the weapon, the no-weapon stand will match the Mobility stand exactly and therefore combine perfectly with the Mobility pack. Same thing with Ninja, his transition from "Combat" stand to relaxed will match Mobility stand. This will go towards the goal of all(for the most part) our packs acting as one as a unified pack. Everyday Mobility guy could pull out a Rifle or Pistol, reveal his covert Ninja skills, or turn into a Zombie. The ultimate dude-with-Ninja-and-weapons-skills-that-turns-into-a-zombie shooter! 

A lot of work to be done, please stay tuned and bear with us as we get the new updated packs together asap.

- Cris

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