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2.5 Update For All Mobility Animation Packs (BIP, FBX, UE4, UNITY)

  • By Crispin Broadhurst
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2.5 Update For All Mobility Animation Packs (BIP, FBX, UE4, UNITY) - MoCap Online

Mobility_01 V2.5

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5, it's here!
*Here is a link to our latest mocap shoot if you missed it!
Thanks for everyone's patience, we've been creating the pack for multiple platforms simultaneously, a lot of work. We really ran out of time, so no UE4 controller in this rev. Holiday break is upon us and we wanted all the current updates out this year for everyone regardless of stuff we didn't get to, the St3vieB Steve Brown controller and possibly a few more animations will be in the next rev. hopefully in January.

Some update highlights: 

290 total animations
Motion List: Mobility01_v2-5_Full_AnimationList-MoCapOnline.pdf
Technical Details
Rev. 2.5 Update:
MotusMan FBX
Unreal Engine 4.10
Unity 4.6.9
- Diagonal Strafing, including backpedals.
- Left and Right foot up Jumps, with pose and velocity matched end frames.
- Stand and Turn to Walk/Jog/Run Forward in eight directions.
- Crouch and Turn to CrouchWalk Forward in eight directions.
- Transitions to Walk/Jog/Run are now all posed matched, for more seamless blending.
- New Look-At aim offsets
FYI: The UE4 skeleton has two additional bones, “hand-l-wep” and “hand-r-wep”, for alternate attachments in upcoming Rifle and Pistol animations. They have no animation and can be ignored for this pack. They will not affect any animations not using them.
The extra “weapon” bones have always been in our MotusMan FBX skeleton and Unity, we’ve started implementing them in the UE4 SKMannequin since some have found them useful.
We left in all the original full length un-edited transitions/jumps, and added new animations. We also edited existing animations so i.e. the end of stand-to-move transitions now have poses and velocity that matches the loops; perfect tile/blend into walk/jog/run, no pops.
Turn to crouchwalk/walk/jog/run forward animations are a big addition, and left and right foot up jumps. We did not get to split jumps (takeoff/airloop/landing) this rev., the list was getting huge and we had various opinions on the exact best way to do them. We're saving them for a future rev.
Diagonal Strafing is in! 45's and 135's. There are also backpedal Left and Right strafes, which tie into the L/R 135(BL/BR) backpedal strafes.
Steve made a quick video explaining their UE4 implementation for those not familiar. The example shows the WIP Rifle motions, but the concept is the same for Mobility or any other set of backpedal animations. He apologizes for the audio, Santa is bringing him a new mic and webcam.
Please watch HERE.
I also made a quick FYI highlight video of the pack updates, in lieu of making an official edited video of the new motions. Enjoy my ramblings:
Thanks again for everyone's feedback and comments good and bad (the bad ones let us know what to improve), and to Steve and all our users/beta testers making all these updates and improvements possible.
Be looking for the Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 to hit the Marketplace and Asset Store shortly, and as always please let us know if you see anything that is off or needs to be fixed, or future features you'd like to see. Direct email to us is best,, but we’ll check the forums as well.

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