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How many 3DS MAX users are looking for .BIP MoCap animations?

How many 3DS MAX users are looking for .BIP MoCap animations? - MoCap Online

Hey Max users! We get the occasional request for .BIP files for Character Studio, another one just recently.
How many folks are out there using CS and would be interested in our Animation Packs as .BIP format? Please chime in and let us know!
We have created a perfectly proportioned replica of our MotusMan skeleton as a generic Biped/.BIP that can be used with its own proportions and/or of course loaded as animation onto any existing Biped in Character Studio. We are looking at converting all our packs to .BIP for Max.
Any saavy Max Scripters out there? A solid macro/batch script would help streamline the process of importing our custom Biped/FBX into our Max template and exporting .BIP's. We would consider offering our Animation Packs as payment for a well made script with a simple GUI. Please contact us at if you've got skills and are interested!
Anybody interested in .BIP's please post comments or send us an email to keep the discussion going! we think they will be a useful addition for a lot of folks.
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