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UE4 Marketplace Update: Ninja MoCap Pack Rev 2 and Other News.

  • By Crispin Broadhurst
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UE4 Marketplace Update: Ninja MoCap Pack Rev 2 and Other News. - MoCap Online

Version 2 of the Ninja Pack has made it to the Unreal Marketplace.
Now with animated root motion!

Was ready a while back in the hands of beta testers and kinda fell off the radar, no one asked about it for a long time, and it took a while to get it submitted and confirmation on the Unreal Marketplace.

But it's available! Same pack but with full root motion. Those who already purchased it should have gotten the launcher notice that there was an update in the library. Big update with more motions coming later.

We also have started using Sketchfab as a 3D viewer for our packs!!
It still has a few bugs to work out (let us know if you see any) but now you can view every single animation in 3D to see what you're getting, as people have asked for in the past.

Check it out here:

MoCap Online in SketchFab 3D Viewer

Motion Capture Online On Sketchfab 3D Viewer

A lot of our other packs are there as well, it is still a WIP. Please check it all out and let us know any problems you might see.

Rifle Pack is in the middle of it's massive update, sometime in March should be availability.
Zombie Pack is right behind it, then Pistol Pack and Ninja Pack gets the big update with lots new motions.

Halloween shoot and update thread here:

We also have Pedestrian Walks and Pedestrian Conversations submitted and releasing soon, look for those as well!

Were getting through all these animations and data best and as quick we can, please stay tuned for upcoming releases.



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