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CryEngine Animation Packs - Now LIVE and for Sale on!

CryEngine Animation Packs - Now LIVE and for Sale on! - MoCap Online

Our CryEngine Animation Packs are now LIVE and for sale on!

Long time in the making, all of our CryEngine Motion Capture Animation Packs are now online and ready for purchase at our web store

Zombies, Rifle, Mobility, Punching, Life/Architectural with Stadium Crowd, Office Desk and Meetings, Walks, Conversations and Deaths is all there with more on the way. We have more brand NEW Animation Packs coming soon as well.

All animation files are in CryEngine native I_CAF format, and on the CryEngine version of our MotusMan skeletal mesh. MotusMan is already featured and embedded in the First and Third Person Templates that come with CryEngine 5! Along with a handful of example animations for free.

So our Animation Packs load straight into CryEngine 5 onto the provided character. An FBX version of the MotusMan skeletal mesh is also included with the packs for additional reference or if you want to skin your own character to the base skeleton.

Mocap Online Animations are also available at the CryEngine Marketplace, so check out their other CryEngine Assets including Models, Textures, Audio and other goodies.


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