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New Rifle Shooter MoCap Animation Pack: The Ultimate Resource for Military-Style 3D Animations.

New Rifle Shooter MoCap Animation Pack: The Ultimate Resource for Military-Style 3D Animations. - MoCap Online

Unveiling the Rifle Animation Pack from MoCap Online's expansive Animation Library. This specialized collection features animations for standing, aiming, firing, reloading, and various locomotion styles like walking, jogging, running, and crouching. Tailored for game developers and animators, these motion-captured sequences provide authentic and fluid character interactions with rifles.

Rifle AnimSet: 3D Animations by MoCap Online ~ Highlight Video from MoCap Online on Vimeo.




The Rifle Animation Pack is a comprehensive resource for game developers and animators working on shooter games and simulations. This pack is divided into two main stances: relaxed, where the character holds the gun down, and ready, where the gun is pointed and the character is prepared for action.

In both relaxed and ready stances, the pack includes a variety of animations for standing, turning, and aim offsets, allowing for natural shifts in position and orientation. Aim offsets are particularly useful for enabling characters to aim their rifles in different directions without changing their primary stance.

For movement, the pack is robust, offering walking, jogging, running, and crouching animations. These animations are designed to be fluid and realistic, ensuring that your characters can traverse any environment in a believable manner.

Firing animations range from single shots to rapid fire, capturing the intensity and focus required in shooting scenarios. Reloading and holstering animations are also included, adding an extra layer of realism to your project.

The pack also features split jumps, designed for those moments when your character needs to leap over obstacles while maintaining aim and combat readiness.

For those looking to add even more versatility to their characters, there is a matching Pistol Handgun Animation Pack. This allows for seamless integration, enabling your character to switch between using a two-handed rifle and a one-handed pistol effortlessly.

In summary, the Rifle Animation Pack provides a complete set of animations for standing, turning, aiming, firing, reloading, and moving—covering walking, jogging, crouching, and running—in both relaxed and ready stances. It's an essential resource for creating a realistic and engaging shooting experience.

Compatibility and Ease-of-Use

The pack is compatible with popular engines like Unreal and Unity, as well as software like Autodesk, Blender, iClone, and DAZ.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring unparalleled realism and versatility to your projects. Make the move to the Rifle Animation Pack now!


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