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Releasing 6 new "Architectural Life" Animation Packs For Cinema and Arch Viz.

Releasing 6 new

FBX Architectural Life Animations / Crowd Simulation Animations -  Now available at MoCap Online.

PACKS INCLUDED: Walking, Conversations, Office Meetings, Office Desk, Stadium Crowd & Deaths.

We are announcing the release of "LIFE Animations", basic everyday human motions. They are intended for background characters, architectural simulations or crowd simulations.


LIFE: Office Meeting - MoCap Animation Pack  

34 Office meeting animations of  a person at a meeting.  Listening, discussing, presenting, etc.  Many variations in both sitting and standing positions.


LIFE: Office Desk - MoCap Animation Pack  

35 Office Desk animations of an employee at work place doing various office activities.  Variations at desk, standing and walking.


LIFE: Walking - MoCap Animation Pack  

15 different styles of walking such as; mad, relaxed, on phone call, etc.  All included as 30 second takes, and short cycled loops.


LIFE: Conversations - MoCap Animation Pack  

28 different conversation, talking and chatting motions.  Excited, Animated, Directions, etc..  Also included as 30 second takes and short loops. 


LIFE: Stadium Crowd - MoCap Animation Pack  

You can fill a big stadium with these.  A large set of 108 animations of fans cheering, watching, standing, clapping, and being disappointed. Includes transition animations to/from different sitting/standing motions.


LIFE: Death - MoCap Animation Pack  

16 rather colorful death animations.  A variety of quick and dawn out deaths.  Hit's on different body parts and directions, injuries, death while walking, death while standing.

Thanks for reading!  What do you think of our new sim pack?  Let us know in the comments below or send a message to

In you have a suggestions for animations that we should add to an existing pack, or ideas for new MoCap Packs that you would like us to record, please visit our MoCap Requests Page and let us know.  

Thank you.
- MoCap Online

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